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20 maggio 2015
Coronet – EndoGlide Ultrathin
25 maggio 2015
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CORONET – Endoglide Classic


Corneal transplantation is undergoing a paradigm shift with the development of Endothelial Keratoplasty.

The main focus today is to reduce iatrogenic damage of donor endothelium caused by manipulation and insertion of the donor through a small incision, a difficult surgical task.

The idea behind the EndoGlide was to provide a device for surgeons to use which would consistently deliver a donor lenticule through a small incision, with minimal endothelial loss, whilst making the insertion procedure relatively reliable and consistent, with the surgeon in full control of the donor at all stages of insertion.

Inspiration was drawn from the principles of the pull-through insertion combined with the idea of a device which would be as simple to insert as a thumbdrive into a USB port on a computer.

Apri Brochure Coronet

EndoGlide Classic

– Suitable for donor material of 130-250 micron thickness
– Minimal endothelial damage
– Easy to use
– Reliable, consistent results
– Full surgeon control at all times
– For use in DSEK and DSAEK procedures
– Unit includes cartridge, introducer and preparation base
– Supplied sterile for single use only
– One unit per box
– Sterilisation by Ethylene Oxide (EO)