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Small Aperture Optics

The IC-8 IOL combines the simple principle of small aperture optics with the reliable quality of an aspheric monofocal IOL to deliver a natural range of vision with increased spectacle independence for cataract patients with or without presbyopia.

By embedding an opaque mask with a 1.36 mm central aperture into a one-piece monofocal IOL, the IC-8 IOL can help patients gain nearly 3.00 diopters (D) of depth of focus. This gain is achieved because the central aperture or pinhole filters unfocused peripheral light rays and isolates more focused central rays through the central aperture.1,2

A distinctive feature of the IC-8 IOL is that it only needs to be implanted in one eye. This provides surgeons with the unique opportunity to select a companion lens for the other eye.

IC-8 IOL Small Aperture Technology

Advanced Monovision

Combining a small amount of myopia with the small aperture in the IC-8 IOL produces nearly 3.00 D of functional range of vision from far to near.1

IC-8 IOL Monocular and Binocular Defocus Curves

Extended Depth of Focus

As shown in the US Air Force Target images below, the IC-8 IOL delivers excellent image resolution across a continuous range from near to far.1

High Quality Vision

As the graph below illustrates, the IC-8 small aperture IOL provides high quality vision over a continuous range and eliminates the “sweet spots” typically experienced with other premium lenses. Patients no longer need to hold reading materials or devices at a specific focal point, giving them a more fluid, natural visual experience.

Alignment-Free Astigmatism Management

The IC-8 lens compensates for up to 1.50 D of corneal astigmatism.1, 2

  • 82% of all cataract patients present with 1.50 D of corneal astigmatism or less3
  • The IC-8 lens does not have an axis to align, thereby simplifying the surgical process and eliminating any effects of potential misalignment or the need for surgical realignment
  • The small aperture design mitigates the effects of induced astigmatism

Forgiving of Refractive Surprises

The IC-8 IOL eye can tolerate up to 1.00 D of deviation from the intended refractive target without an appreciable change in acuity at any measured distance.1