OERTLI – OS4 Facoemulsificatore-Vitrectomo
21 Aprile 2015
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22 Aprile 2015
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OERTLI – faros Facoemulsificatore-Vitrectomo

Slim, beautiful and intelligent, faros is slim and light and has a footprint of only 55x55cm. You choose whether to use it as simply a phaco device or as a combined device for anterior and posterior segment surgery. Upgrading is possible at any time.

Oertli only markets devices that have been tested and proven for a long time, and have been developed by Oertli itself:

– Best Practice Fluidics with True Flow Control
– easyPhaco®Technology
– NovitreX® posterior segment technology with Goodlight LED, Twinac Highspeed Vitrectomy and autoseal one step PMS
– Embedded and firmware components instead of PC control


State-of-the-art surgery in the anterior segment

Coaxial MICS 1.6mm, fast, safe, simple and without any collapses

A quantum leap in phaco technique for 1.6mm, 2.2mm and 2.8mm incision sizes! This makes phaco noticeably simpler, safer and faster, and removes even the very hardest nuclei.

Best Practice Fluidics
easyPhaco® with “Fluidics on!” makes fluidics the active element, eliminates collapses, brings parts to the tip, holds them there, prevents repulsion and guides the ultrasound energy directly into the nucleus material.

Bipolar Capsulotomy
Provides more safety in complex cases, saves Rhexis that has got out of control, corrects Rhexis Phimosis, makes vision blue unnecessary.

State-of-the-Art surgery in the posterior segment

True Flow Control
Real flow control, independent of cutting rate or Duty Cycle. Makes possible the most finely controlled micro-flow with high occlusion vacuum. A breakthrough in peripheral vitrectomy, loose retina, shaving, peeling and the inducing of a PVD.

Twinac Highspeed Cutting
Reduces strain on tissues and makes 23G and 25G technique more efficient. The double pneumatic Twinac drive deploys a cutting power of 200g with 3000 cuts a minute and guarantees an aspiration time of 50% less. The cutting rate can be increased up to 5000 cuts.

Goodlight LED
Intra-ocular illumination has become an important factor in modern vitreo-retinal surgery. 23G and 25G illuminators set the benchmark and require ever brighter and more sophisticatedly-designed light sources. Precision work in the vitreous body makes it absolutely necessary that skin and tissue structures in particular can
be shown with as much contrast as possible. To do so, the new highly advanced Goodlight®LED light source designed by Oertli provides an optimum solution.
Goodlight®LED enables excellent viewing and combines the advantages of healthy light with those of the latest LED technology.

Caliburn 23G Cannula System
The Oertli Caliburn Cannula System allows for transconjunctival access to the vitreous body with a self-sealing 23G pilot tube. Eye pressure remains steady, the silicone sealing is not fixed on top, but remains inside the pilot tube. The operative field in the eye is therefore not unnecessarily restricted. The titanium pilot tube treats the front part of the vitreous body and the retina with care. The instruments glide resistance-free in the tube and can be changed as needed.


Anterior Segment Basic Module

Fluidic System
• Peristaltic pump
• Gravity infusion, electric I/V pole
• Tubing system with integrated, closed pressure
• Auto Venting
• Restrictable Reflux

• Control panel with glass covering, luminous display and silicon keys
• Dual-linear multifunctional pedal
• Wireless remote control
• Individual programming with ParaProg® for up to 50 surgeons
• Self-testing function and preop function
• Audio signals

Phaco Function
• 3 program memories with Direct Access®
• Ultrasound phaco with auto tuning
• Hexadisq® handpiece with 6 piezo plates
• Linear, PULSE, CMP, BURST and panel mode
• Occlusion Mode
• easyPhaco®, CO-MICS and MICS technique
• Dual-linear phaco
• Override function

I/A Function
• 3 program memories with DirectAccess®
• Vacuum override function
• Continuous irrigation

Anterior Segment Vitrectomy
• 3 program memories with DirectAccess®
• Electrically driven SUS guillotine cutter
• 20G, 23G
• Linear 30 to 1200 cuts/min
• Individual cuts
• Dual-linear or linear pedal control
• Irrigation/aspiration/cut
• Irrigation/cut/aspiration

Bipolar Functions
• Endo-diathermy
• Macro-diathermy
• Conjunctival coaptation
• Instant diathermy function
• RF capsulotomy
• STT glaucoma sclerothalamotomy
• IDK glaucoma intrastromal diathermal keratostomy

NovitreX Posterior Segment Extension Module

• Twinac dual pneumatically driven guillotine cutter 20G, 23G, 25G
• Linear or progressive, 30 to 5000 cuts/min
• Individual cut
• Dual-linear or linear pedal control
• 3 program memories with DirectAccess

• Electric pump
• Constant pressure control with compensating reservoir
• Panel or remote activation
• Alarm function
• 3 program memories with DirectAccess

Endo illumination
• Goodlight LED
• Filter-free exit
• Anti glare panorama illumination

• Injektion
• Injektion/Vitrektomie
• Extraktion
• Lineare Pedalsteuerung


Dimensions: 48cm x 48cm x 167cm
Weight: 31,4kg device, 4,5kg pedal
Mains voltage: 100V-240V AC 50/60Hz
Power input: 280W nominal
Compressed air connection: 6.5-10bar, max. 40l/min (posterior segment only)
Operation conditions: 10°C-35°C temperature; 30%-75% relative humidity, non-condensing; 700hPa-1060hPa air pressure