ASICO – Set per DALK
22 Settembre 2014
AUROLAB – Reti Eye, Bulbo Oculare da Addestramento
22 Settembre 2014
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ASICO – Strumenti per Lenti Intraoculari Toriche.

Strumenti per lenti intraoculari toriche.

– AE-2793S – Pre-op Toric reference marker, single-side
· Handle position allows pressure to be evenly distributed throughout the marking points
· Laser lines identify marking pattern
· Marking surfaces contour to the curvature of the eye for accurate placement and effective marking

– AE-2848N – Modi Intra-Op Toric Marker II
· Wide opening for increased visibility and for centering corneal light reflex
· Small 12.5mm diameter does not obstruct the pre-op marks and will not strain small eyes
· Knurled outer barrel for easy axis rotation.
· Lines indicate location of axis marking pattern

– AE-2740H – Nuijts Solomon Toric Axis Marker w/Centering peg
· Centering peg acts as reference guide to center on the cornea without compromising visibility
· Ergonomic handle position maximizes visibility
· Marking surface contour curvature of the cornea for accurate effective marking

– AE-1592N – Yeoh Toric Gauge
· Thin 2mm rim provides much easier access to the eye as compared to conventional Mendez Gauges
· Small 14mm outer diameter accommodates smaller corneas
· Laser lines every 10 degrees
· Can be used with AE-2740H for accurate results