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6 Agosto 2014
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6 Agosto 2014
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Plusoptix has developed handheld autorefractors especially for infants, children and uncooperative patients, which measure both eyes at the same time (binocular) from one meter distance, within one second.

These devices have been designed for the use at several workplaces in a practice or eye clinic.

1) Application
– The plusoptiX A12C measures both eyes simultaneously (binocular) within one second from one meter distance to the child
– Used in un-dilated pupils, measurements of hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism and anisometropia provide valuable data for a quick vision examination. Results can additionally be used as a starting point for retinoscopy or to confirm retinoscopic results
– Possible measurement in cycloplegia

2) Measurement results
– Refraction (Sphere, cylinder and axis)
– Symmetry of corneal reflexes
– Pupil diameter and pupil distance

3) Advantages
– Mobile use at several workplaces
– Battery-operated (rechargable AA-Batteries)
– In-built touchscreen
– WLAN interface to transfer measurement results or patient data in your practice network or to print self-adhesive labels
– Patient database
– The measurement from one meter distance is reliable and delegable
– Uninfluenced by medications
– Even children with nystagmus and uncooperative patients can be measured in less than one second
– Measurement over glasses and contact lenses
– If a skiascopy in cycloplegia is required, it proceeds faster because of the existing measurement values, especially cylinder and axis. Furthermore, you have a result to compare with.
– No wrong myopic results because of device myopia (device accommodation)
– Entry examination of infants and children in your practice will be substantially simplified