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23 Giugno 2018
PHOENIX CLINICAL – ICON Strumento di immagini a grande campo per pazienti pediatrici
2 Agosto 2018
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WELCH-ALLYN – Sistema di elettrofisiologia portatile RETeval-DR™

The Welch Allyn RETeval-DR Electroretinograph is designed for healthcare providers who want to improve management of their patients with diabetes. In just three minutes, you can objectively screen for vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy (VTDR) wherever patients receive care. Welch Allyn RETeval-DR Electroretinograph enables efficient, comfortable, non-mydriatic screening for VTDR that improves patient compliance to help preserve vision in your patients with diabetes.


  • No dilation required, enhancing patient comfort
  • Short test time—only three minutes per patient
  • No interpretation and minimal training necessary
  • Immediate results provided on the device and in a PDF report
  • Portable, handheld device goes wherever patients with diabetes receive care

Welch Allyn_RETeval Brochure