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11 Dicembre 2014
OPHTEC – Artisan Phakic & Aphakic IOLs
12 Dicembre 2014
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OPHTEC – Artiflex Phakic IOLs

ARTIFLEX® Phakic IOLs are iris fixated IOLs used in refractive surgery for the correction of Myopia and Astigmatism. The Artiflex lenses are manufactured from Polysiloxane with PMMA haptics. The lens has a foldable optic and can be implanted through a small incision (3.2 mm), having the benefit of a fast recovery. The power calculations are based on the “Van der Heijde” formula. For the implantation of Artiflex PIOLs special instruments and devices are available.

ARTIFLEX® Phakic IOLs have a vaulted design. This provides optimal clearance between the PIOL and the crystalline lens and between the PIOL and the cornea. Artiflex Phakic Intraocular Lenses show a low cross-sectional profile within the eye. The distance from the edge of the optic to the corneal endothelium is intended >1.3 mm.


Normal free flow of aqueous

A free flow of aqueous is ensured by the vaulted lens design and four lateral side ports. The potential for pupillary block is minimized. However, it is important to perform an iridectomy or iridotomy. An iridotomy is especially advised:

– for cosmetic reasons

– to prevent seeing second images


Minimal glare design

The Artiflex design Myopia with a 6 mm optic has been constructed with polynomial optic design in order to reduce the risk of reflexions that may cause glare and halo’s.



The Artiflex PIOL is a three-piece lens consisting of a flexible optic made from ultraviolet absorbing Polysiloxane and rigid haptics made from compression molded Perspex CQ UV polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). During the Compression Molding process the molecular structure of PMMA is enhanced by redistributing the molecules into longer chains. This results in a much stronger material. Compression Molding Technology gives a high tensile strength, combined with superb flexibility of the lens haptics. The risk of fracture is minimal. The tumbling process gives a special surface treatment to the PMMA haptics. Ultra smoothness is the result.