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23 Settembre 2014
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25 Settembre 2014
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IRIDEX – Laser Giallo IQ577

IQ 577 ™ Laser System – True yellow laser for retinal disorders.

MicroPulse™ Laser Therapy for Fovea-Friendly™* laser grids and tissue-sparing* combo therapies.

High transmission through dense ocular media.
Dual Port for efficient setup of alternate delivery devices.
Repeatable macular and foveal laser sessions
Maximize workflow efficiency.



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True Yellow, 577nm wavelength for precise performance
– High transmission through dense ocular media
– Consistent laser lesions for fast procedure time
– Low power required for increased patient comfort

Intelligent and intuitive design
-Dual Port for efficient setup of alternate delivery devices
– Intuitive graphic touch screen interface for ease of use
– Programmable memory presets for multiple users

Optional Module for MicroPulse Laser Therapy
– Repeatable macular and foveal laser sessions
– Success with refractory and sub-clincal edema

Wavelength: 577nm Yellow
Weight: 9.0kg
Dimensions: 21cm x 30cm x 35cm
Connector Type: RFID | Resistor
Electrical: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Cooling: Whisper fan
Exposure Duration: CW-Pulse 10-3000ms
Exposure Interval: CW-Pulse 10-3000ms
MicroPulse Duration: MicroPulse 0.05-1.00ms
MicroPulse Interval: MicroPulse 1.00-10.00ms
Aiming Laser: Diode laser, 635nm nominal

Delivery Device Power Output
Portable SLA: 0-2000mW
LIO: 0-2000mW
EndoProbe: 0-2000mW

Optional Accessories
Full-Featured Remote Control
– Compact design for easy placement or use in sterile field
– View displays and adjust parameters from two vantage points for increased convenience and efficiency

Wireless Footswitch
– No cord, no clutter, no limitations
– Allows precise physician control over power settings
– Available with power-adjust to control laser actuation and power settings