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11 Giugno 2015
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11 Giugno 2015
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EAGLE VISION – Puntum Plugs

The plug, the smallest medical-grade silicone-molded product in the world, is used primarily in the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca), a condition which is often referred to as the most under-diagnosed ophthalmic condition. Many aspects of modern life and technology, such as increased contact lens wear, air-conditioned environments, and video display terminals all contribute to and may exacerbate an otherwise mild, unproblematic dry eye state.

The normal aging process brings changes in meibomian gland function and tear composition causing a large number (possibly approaching 80% of elderly patients) to exhibit dry eye symptoms to a significant degree. As the number and percentage of the population over age 60 increases, the demand for proper Dry Eye management increases correspondingly. This rapidly increasing population segment coupled with increased doctor and patient awareness of the Dry Eye condition, as well as the other susceptible populations mentioned earlier, have created a great demand for Eagle Vision punctum plugs and other products designed for the diagnosis and management of the Dry Eye condition.