AVEDRO – Riboflavina MedioCross M – MedioCross H
16 Ottobre 2015
POLYOFTALMICA – Cassette Lenti di Prova (ex Shin-Nippon)
20 Ottobre 2015
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VOLK – Lenti oftalmiche e accessori

Volk is known worldwide as the premier designer and manufacturer of the highest quality ophthalmic lenses.
The first aspheric indirect ophthalmoscopy lens was developed by Dr. David Volk 50 years ago. This led to the patented, double aspheric designs of the 20D, 78D and 90D lenses, the leading standards in the ophthalmic industry. Continual improvement saw the evolution and development of the 2nd generation – the Super Series lenses, to the unsurpassed imaging you can achieve today, with our
3rd generation Digital Series Lenses.
Volk’s unmatched image quality can be appreciated across our comprehensive range of imaging products, including gonio lenses, direct and indirect laser lenses and a full range of surgical imaging products.

Laser Delivery
All Volk Lenses are suitable for Laser Delivery.