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AVEDRO – Riboflavina MedioCross M – MedioCross H

Avedro’s scientifically-developed family of riboflavin products as VibeX Xtra™, VibeX Rapid™, ParaCel™, MedioCROSS TE and MedioCROSS M, ensures rapid diffusion and individual, sterile applications for all of your cross-linking needs.

Avedro’s riboflavin formulations have been used in over 500,000 treatments around the world.
We are proud to offer multiple riboflavin formulations which have set the standard for the production of the highest quality riboflavin since the introduction of corneal cross-linking.


A Tradition of Quality & Excellence

– Long-established riboflavin supply combining innovative science and research with German manufacturing excellence
– CE Marked products available worldwide since 2001
– Everyday, 8 out of 10 cross-linking patients are served with Avedro riboflavin
– Compliant with Annex V of EC-Directive 93/42/EEC
– ISO 13485 Certified manufacturer and facility
– Produced in world-class clean-room; sterilized using validated and monitored processes

Our riboflavin formulations have been specifically designed to address the following cross-linking protocols:

– Epithelium-off treatment of keratoconus and corneal ectasia
– Trans-epithelial treatment of keratoconus and corneal ectasia
– Intra-stromal applications in conjunction with LASIK (Lasik Xtra®)



MedioCROSS M is formulated with no dextran thus reducing corneal thinning. It has a diffusion rate of twice that of standard riboflavin with dextran thus shortening induction time by half. MedioCROSS M is topically applied to the cornea after epithelium removal, then UVA light is applied to activate it for cross-linking.

– 0.1% Riboflavin, 1.1% HPMC
– Cross-linking for keratoconus and corneal ectasia
– Epithelium-off