OPHTEC – Famiglia Lenti Precizon (Monofocale – Torica – Multifocale)
17 Aprile 2015
NIKON – Auto Lensmeter TL-100
21 Aprile 2015
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Leading the way in automated perimetry, the Medmont M700 has become a benchmark in perimetry around the world, featuring full field test capability up to 80 degrees, high concentric test point density and unique test facilities such as the Flicker Test, Binocular Driving Test and Diplopia Test.

Its open, ergonomic design overcomes issues of claustrophobia and poor ventilation found in other perimeters, keeping patients more comfortable and their results more reliable and accurate.

On-the-fly adjustment means test points can be added or re-tested with the click of a mouse, even while a test is running. Results can be viewed as traditional perimetry maps, or in a colour map or 3D HoV view, any of which can be configured to suit individual needs.

A built-in fixation camera with pupil tracking technology ensures that patient fixation is always accounted for. Medmont Studio automatically re-tests the blind spot and recalibrates patient fixation mid-test when poor fixation is detected.

Medmont-M700 Brochure