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OPTOS – AutoPerimeter300

The AutoPerimeter300 is the newest and most advanced Perimeter in the Optos family of visual field analyzers. Delivering reliable results and complying with Goldman standards, the AutoPerimeter300 was developed on an all new perimetry platform utilizing the latest technologies to suit the needs of demanding ophthalmologists and optometrists. It is a premium product that meets all international safety, quality and regulatory standards.

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The AutoPerimeter300 features Static, Kinetic, Blue on Yellow and Flicker Perimetry capability, enhanced variable color stimulus and size testing as well as a state of the art Digital Eye Tracking System.

Accurate Results: The stimuli of the AutoPerimeter300 is projected into an array of very dense points resembling accurate pattern of receptor cells that make up the neural architecture of the retina. This results in presentation of a circular grid pattern providing most precise map of the visual field, however users can choose for the stimulus projections to follow the square grid layout.

Optical Stimulus Correction System: The world’s first optical stimulus correction system ensuring that the projected stimuli appear precisely within the selected Goldman parameters across the entire field. As for all other Projection-Type Perimeters presently in the market, their projected stimuli becomes oval-shaped usually in the test fields above 30° degrees making the clinical results less precise.

Advanced Digital Eye Tracking System: The AutoPerimeter300 features an advanced Digital Eye Tracking monitoring system. The constant and precise monitoring of the patients’ position results in rapid and accurate exams.

The Eye Tracker System can be set to auto-pause when statistical losses of fixation are detected, or set to perform an entire examination providing results disregarding fixation losses, making the examination simple and convenient.

Examination Area Expansion: The physician has the ability to commence the visual examinations selecting fields as small as 10° degrees, yet should peripheral visual losses be detected they can easily expand the test area as much as required while continuing the initial examination.
This feature adds to the overall convenience for both patient and the operator as it saves time eliminating the need of further retesting.

Expansion Area Retest and Defect Verification: A simple point and click of the mouse enables a quick selection and retest of the suspect points during the examination. This unique feature enables verification of any suspect areas resulting in either poor fixation or visual loss, and facilitates in straightforward testing of specific regions.

Customizable Examinations: The user-friendly Test Editor function allows easy customization and creation of test fields for an instant examination compatible with all system strategies.

This function is ideal when tracking the disease progress saving examination time by focusing on the affected areas only, testing patients with neurological impairments or customization for research needs.

User Friendly Software: The AutoPerimeter300 software was designed to be intuitive and simple to use, even for operators with limited computer skills. Interactive system menus provide customizable sounds alerting losses of fixation and cover all standard comments. Provided information is efficient and comprehensive, reducing the time spent in preparing, reviewing, printing and sharing the patient exams. The Perimeter operating software terminology and language can be easily customized to individual needs.

The enhanced patient database algorithm is known to be fully recoverable even after PC is formatted, can be set to automatic daily backup to HDD/CD/DVD and is well protected from accidental deletion.

Operating System Upgradeability: Optos ensures ongoing operational software upgrade capability, which is easy and evolutionary allowing our customers to keeping pace with their practice needs as well as the latest developments perimetry testing.

Data and Practice Management Integration: The AutoPerimeter300 integrates with numerous practice management systems. Network data sharing or remote system accessibility and operation is also possible adding further efficiency to dynamic practices eliminating multiple patient and data entries.

Fast Examination Times: Several techniques are available to reduce examination time, including optimized strategies such as FastScan, Screening, Fast Threshold and Smart Threshold, as well as enhanced fixation methods and adaptive patient response. For patients with large field losses, the use of custom or neurological test methods is available.

The new Kinetic as well as the Smart Threshold strategy tests randomly selected points, and when a reduction in visual threshold is sensed the system adds points adjacent to the area of interest for accurate testing. This permits an examination to be carried out in less time whilst maintaining maximum accuracy.

Examination Reliability: The AutoPerimeter300 features many integrated tools assuring high reliability of the examination results utilizing Goldman Standard compatible Global and Reliability Indices recording.

Fixation losses
False Positives
False Negatives
Average Defect (AD)
Mean Defect or Deviation (MD)
Pattern Defect (PD)
Fluctuation (SF)
Corrected Pattern Standard Deviation (CPSD)

Touch Screen Interface: The AutoPerimeter300 optional TFT Touch Screen interface simplifies user operation, data entry and saves space.

Ergonomic Design: The compact design with ventilated closed bowl allows for examinations to take place in highly illuminated conditions making the examination more comfortable for the patients.

Unparalleled Analysis Package: the most comprehensive data analysis package in the market, assisting with precise visual field analysis and easy product transition.

Level dB
Hill of Vision (HoV)
Age Normal
HoV Probability
Age Normal Probability
Normalized Level
Bebie’s Defect Curve
Comparison (Differential Map)
Regression Analysis
Cross Section
3° level
Zero level
Glaucoma Hemifield Test (GHT)

Advanced Print and Exam Viewing Modes: exams can be saved as “.jpeg”, “.bmp” and “.html” formats for easy file sharing and represented in multiple printable formats.
Print Modes:

Standard (7 in 1)
Combo (4 in 1)
Multi (up to 4 exams in one page – 16 in 1)
Cross Section
Bebie Curve
Regression analysis (single)
Regression analysis (combo)
Custom (selection) formats user
View Modes:

Dot Scale
Gray Scale
dB Decibel Level
3-D View
Cross-section map
Partial (partial map overlay)
Bebie Curve
Custom (user selection) formats
The AutoPerimeter300 test results can be selected for presentation and print either in the circular grid pattern providing a more naturally resembled visual field, or the diamond grid.

The AutoPerimeter300 utilizes the industry largest range of optimized standard tests and strategies available to suit every need.

Speciality Tests:
Automated Kinetic Perimetry
Manual Kinetic Perimetry
Red on White Perimetry
White on White Perimetry
Green on White Perimetry
Blue on Yellow (SWAP) Perimetry
Flicker Perimetry

Standard Tests:
Central Field
Central 22 Field
Central 30 Field
Full Field
Wide Field
Peripheral Field
Driving Field
Glaucoma Field
Custom Field

All tests can be applied to strategies such as:
Fast Threshold
Smart Threshold
2 Zone
3 Zone
Quantify Defect
Binocular Single Vision (BSV)
Binocular Driving

Video Camera
Digital eye tracker
Motorized headrest and chinrest
Patient response button
Configured built-in PC with Windows Embedded
Memory Drive
Patient response button
Eye cover
Dust cover