OPTOS – AutoPerimeter300
24 Aprile 2015
BIOTECH – Bio Fluoro, Fluorescina (strisce da 1mg)
27 Aprile 2015
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LABTICIAN – Chirurgia della retina

Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc. services retinal specialists by offering the widest range of scleral buckle styles to satisfy their specific requirements. Our quality standards are the highest in the industry. We are constantly working to develop new and innovative products to assist in scleral buckle surgery. Two of the most recent styles include the Wong Buckling Sleeve and the Scholda Sponge. The Wong Buckling Sleeve is used to create an enhanced scleral indentation when placed directly over the break. The innovative Scholda Sponge profile creates an effective indentation while significantly reducing extrascleral height thus providing a better cosmetic appearance and increased patient comfort. Surgeons in over 70 countries worldwide rely on high quality Labtician scleral buckles every day.

Retinal Implants
Miniatura Retinal Implants Retinal Implants

Silicone Oil System
Miniatura Silicone Oil System Silicone Oil System

Intravitreal Injection Kit
Miniatura Intravitreal Injection Kit Intravitreal Injection Kit