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EYEMAX MONO – IOL maculare per pazienti con AMD

Eyemax is the world’s most sophisticated IOL
designed to improve vision in patients with macular
disease. It is intended for monocular or binocular
implantation in phakic patients and can significantly
improve distance and near visual acuity. It continues
to maintain improved and optimised vision as
the macular disease progresses.

It is an evolution of the award winning iolAMD invented
by Dr Bobby Qureshi at the London Eye Hospital and
Professor Pablo Artal at Murcia University.

Eyemax Mono: Come Funziona

Eyemax Mono: Informazioni Tecniche

Eyemax Mono: Selezione del paziente e modulo per il calcolo

iolAMD® eyemax mono™ (London Eye Hospital Pharma™) is
an implantable device that is composed of a soft, hydrophobic
acrylic IOL.

Following crystalline lens extraction the modified C loop haptic
IOL is injected into the eye via a 2.6mm corneal incision and is
positioned in the capsular bag.

The lens surfaces are rendered with unique wavefront characteristics
that form good quality images on all areas of the surrounding retina
that AMD patients use for their vision (slightly peripheral).

In addition, the eyemax mono lenses are designed to work in
conjunction with standard external spectacles (if desired) to magnify
objects on the retina, further improving vision. This approach is an
elegant and effective method to provide an even larger magnification
for near objects, further improving reading or smartphone use.

Should the patient’s macular disease progress they can continue to
use different PRLs around the entire macular area and benefit from
optimised visual function.

Implantation of the eyemax mono lens takes the same amount of
time as a standard monofocal lens.