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OPHTHALMO PRO – ZOE – IOL monofocale plus di nuova generazione con correzione intermedio


zone operating enhancement – Made In Germany


zoe® – beyond monofocal

This next-generation monofocal intraocular lens zoe® allows patients to experience high-quality vision at both intermediate and far distances.

Today, most monofocal lenses only correct vision to help cataract patients see objects at a distance, and so they do not improve the intermediate vision that is required for so many important daily tasks.

Technical data zoe®
IOL type Single piece
Material High-purity, hydrophobic acrylic, glistening-free, Miyata Grade Zero
Filter UV-filter
Lens type Posterior convex, aspherical optic to correct far and intermediate vision
Power Range Preloaded across the dioptric range from +5D to +36D in 0.5 D
A constant* 118.9 (nominal)
Lens diameter 6.0 mm optic zone
Total diameter 13.00 mm
Haptic design and Angulation Modified C-loop, 1.5°
Edge design 360° ultra-sharp square edge, roughened edge

*The A constant is the basis for calculating the lens power. It is recommended that these be customized based on the experience of the operating surgeon and the equipment used.


The technology

With its special and unique, High-Order anterior surface, the zoe® improves intermediate vision and maintains excellent distance image quality comparable to regular monofocal IOL.

Because its monofocal optic does not have diffractive rings, the zoe® design keeps photic phenomena to a minimum, comparable to a regular monofocal IOL and the zoe®design minimises the spherical aberration to almost zero.

100% 1-Step preloaded

Just like the monofocal aspheric Primus-HD® IOL, the zoe® is preloaded in its injector using our well-established “ProSert” 1-Step Preloaded system. This perfectly protects the IOL against contamination. For surgical staff it is easy to use and it gives the surgeon a most reliable implantation performance, IOL after IOL.

  • Dynamic tip allows implantations with 2.0 – 2.2 mm incisions
  • Controlled implantation thanks to precision screw thread
  • One step “into the bag”
  • Optimal lens fit, 100 % preloaded
  • Outer diameter of the injector tip: 1.78 mm