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22 Settembre 2014
AUROLAB – Aurosil, Aurosil Plus
22 Settembre 2014
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AUROLAB – AuroSling

For Frontalis Suspension
AuroSling is used in the surgical procedure for the correction of Ptosis which is abnormal low position of the upper eyelid.

Product Description
AuroSling is an implantable flexible silicon rod attached to malleable sharp needles with a silicon sleeve.

Product Features
AuroSling provides:
– Excellent biocompatibility
– Good lid closure
– For easy adjustment after the surgical procedure for any recorrections.

Product Specification
Product code: T9052
Needle – Length: 6.3cm
– Diameter: 920µ
Length of Silicone rod: 40.0cm
Length of Silicon sleeve: 7.0mm